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Transforming Scientific Data into Insights

At Data-Set-Go, we offer services within Bioinformatics, Programming, and Clinical Trial Management.

We love making sense of big data and visualizing the conclusions in intuitive figures. We strive for quick turnaround and full documentation for reproducibility and transparency.


Our past bioinformatic work includes single-cell RNA-seq, machine learning algorithm implementation, small RNA-seq analyses, metagenomics. We also do iPhone app development, and clinical trial management.

Let us help you extract useful information from big data and provide reusable pipelines for future experiments.

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Our Services

Data Visualisation

Help set up your pipeline to export publication-ready figures and plots. All using your live data as input.


Environment Setup

If you are in the data collection phase and need to re-run a data analysis on multiple datasets repeatedly, we can help set up an environment on your own machine or server.


Next Generation Sequencing

We can help you set up pipelines to handle large sets of NGS data and assist you in searching for features and refining the analysis.
We can help you automate the import flow and guarantee consistent naming – without ever handling the data manually.


iPhone App Integration

We build and develop iOS apps tailored to meet the requirements of your business.


Publish Data

When publishing big data results, the bioinformatic analysis must be available and reproducible. We make a GitHub account with sample data where reviewers and readers of your article can verify your pipeline and data analysis.



Help set up your REDCap database to match your eCRFs. Keep track of patients throughout the study as your unblinded partner. Set up your surveys to be sent out via SMS.

Extract, analyse, and visualize trial results.


Code Review

Don't let inefficient code slow down your software. We identify and eliminate any issues that may be causing slower processing times, memory issues, or problems with battery life.


Tools & Skills

We handle all the challenges of combining R packages, Python  modules, Shell Scripts, Machine Learning, and bioinformatics databases into a functioning data analysis and visualisation pipeline.

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About Data-Set-Go

Strategic Bioinformatics Consultants Since 2021

Welcome to Data-Set-Go. Where data comes to life and you become wiser about your data.

Our passion lies within extracting useful information out of big data. With over 10 years of experience in scientific research and publishing reproducible experiments, co-founder Maibritt Mardahl has a true passion for unraveling our understanding of molecular biology. Co-founder Ricki Gregersen, is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience in writing and documenting code. We combine the best of these communities to provide tailored bioinformatic pipelines. We document every step and deliver a detailed report containing publication-ready figures and a bioinformatic pipeline you can reuse in future experiments.

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Maibritt Mardahl

Maibritt Mardahl

Molecular biologist with a PhD in immunology. 

Over 10 years of experience as a research scientist in the academic research community.

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Ricki Gregersen

Ricki Gregersen B.Eng

Software engineer with 15 years of experience in solving computer science, data, and application challenges.

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